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Professional Natural Art Supplies in Tucson

If you're an artist in search of high-quality, eco-friendly supplies, look no further than Jade Rabbit! Based in Tucson, I specialize in cold wax painting ...

Plant Based Alternatives for Paint Washes

Before turpentine was widely used, artists used 100% rosemary or spike oil of lavender essential oils to thin their paints and to make "Imprimatura" ...

Eiffy, a Reusable Solution

When it gets dirty, pouring it into a clean jar and letting it settle is a simple and effective solution. The settling time can vary depending on the size ...


Beverley Pitts

01 April 2024
4 months ago
I am thrilled with the new brush cleaner for oils Eiffy.. I paint with oils and water soluble oils. I love that Eiffy cleans brushes so well with no residue and...
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Cathy Heidt

22 March 2024
4 months ago
I’m an oil painter who has been using Eiffy for the past few months. I used to use Gamsol, odourless mineral spirits. Eiffy is completely solvent free and nont...
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