Eiffy, is the eco-friendly KIND SOLUTION for fine art oil painters. It is a plant-based brush cleaner, with a very low odor and the least toxicity of any similar product available. Eiffy is a "Solvent-Free" solvent. It can be used as a medium and to clean brushes and palettes, providing a safe and effective solution for artists who value their health and the environment. Order now! A 16oz bottle is only $32.  
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What can it do?

It has a consistency close to water.  It is highly effective in cleaning oil paint out of brushes during and after painting. Small amounts can be added to the paint to thin it out without effecting the drying time of your painting. ​If too much is added, it will eventually dry, but will slow down the drying time. ​This oil solvent dries through absorption.  The oil is absorbed by the paint pigments and gesso primer.  Cotton canvas with acrylic gesso absorbs it well.  Oil primed linen does NOT absorb it well, so less should be added to the paint if you are using an oil primed linen canvas. It's been diluted to the point where it's a SOLVENT, and while it's not dangerous, it could cause irritation to the skin or eyes if it comes in touch with you. In the event of inflammation, water should be used to flush the region. Get medical help if a rash develops.

What it can't do?

Because this solvent is a cleaning OIL, in the world of painting, it is considered a "Fat".  Therefore, it should not be used to create a wash for an underpainting.  The timeless rule of "Fat OVER lean" applies here.  Oil is FAT, so should be used sparingly in the first layers.

In the aspect of creating a paint wash, the Eiffy, the plant based solvent does not replace turpentine or OMS. They create fast evaporating washes, and it is these evaporative "VOC's" (Volatile Organic Compound) that are bad to breath. There is however, a NON - TOXIC alternative that will evaporate quickly for creating non - toxic paint washes. If you are looking to create paint washes, try my lavender oil. Eiffy is great for removing paint from brushes, but it will leave an oily residue.  TO REMOVE THE OIL FROM THE CLEANED BRUSH,  use ISOPROPYL (RUBBING) ALCOHOL. Pour a few ounces into a cup and clean the brush by stroking it in the liquid. You can finish with a quick wash at the sink with your favorite brush cleaning soap.

$32.00 16 oz

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