Why the name Jade Rabbit

Why the name Jade Rabbit

Why the name Jade Rabbit?

All of my products are named after my various pet rabbits. I match the qualities of each product to the personality of a rabbit, and Tada! A product gets named, as a namesake. It seemed natural that the name of the company should encompass the rabbit idea, and the legend of the Jade Rabbit in folklore embodies the core values and ideals of the company.

The legend of the Jade Rabbit

According to Eastern tradition, all immortals had to take a pill of immortality every thousand years in order to remain immortal. The man whose job it was to create the pills of immortality had recently been fired. The Jade Emperor needed to find someone else to take his place. He wanted to find someone who was trustworthy, responsible, and honest.

Fearing the corruptibility of humans, he decided to choose an animal for this important job. He came to earth and disguised himself as a weak, starving old man, lost in the forest. He called out for help. A fox, a monkey and a rabbit came to his rescue. He told them that he was too weak to move and on the brink of starvation.

The monkey brought him some fruit, and the fox offered him some fish. The rabbit however, could find only grass. He knew that grass was not suitable for the man to eat. Moved with kindness and compassion for the old man, the rabbit jumped into the fire to offer himself as food instead. Depending on what version of the legend you read, the Emperor either snatched the rabbit out of the fire before he was killed, or resurrected him. Either way, the Emperor was deeply touched by the rabbit's sacrifice and selflessness. The Jade Emperor of Heaven gave the rabbit eternal life and bestowed him with fur so white that it dazzled, and smooth as Jade, that he became known as the “Jade Rabbit”. The Jade Rabbit became the next divine maker of the pill of immortality.

If you look at the full moon, you can still see the Jade Rabbit busy at work, mixing his elixir with his mortar and pestle.

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